Talleres Sancho y Ávila
  • Calle París, 43-44
    28813 Torres de la Alameda (Madrid)

About us

Our history

In 2009 Raimundo Ávila stopped working for others after more than 20 years of service in the workshop environment where he completed his experience in automotive and industrial vehicles. The motor world was always his passion, so he spent part of his time investigating them in an effort to repair them. Meanwhile, he demonstrated his skills as a workshop manager by organizing the daily work and advising clients on the best repair bets they could make to their vehicles.

Difficult beginnings but looking to the horizon

In that same year, he decided to become an entrepreneur and venture to manage his own workshop, seeing part of his dreams come true. Given the accumulation of experiences and professional situations that he had, he started with the business project. From his personal point of view and as a technician, investigating the set of different network bets on the market, why not join the Bosch challenge? With the pressing outbreak of the economic crisis, there were difficulties that had to be overcome, and with his gaze to the horizon he decided definitively and forcefully to get involved in the commitment to workshops of the Bosch Car Service image, whose franchisee enabled him to offer customers quality, the price and set of services that he considered necessary and reliable enough to succeed in these difficult times.

Definitely, in October 2009 Talleres Sancho y Ávila materialized commercially. Beginning a future workshop of trust and with promising proposals.

At the height of the economic crisis

At the height of the Economic crisis, starting a business was not an easy task, although with dedication and sacrifice, in a few months, we managed to do quite well in all aspects: Attracting clients, connecting with the supplier network and expanding the commercial portfolio and its references. Thus, the proposed growth objectives were met, which for some years were the main strategy for starting the company.

First stage

Raimundo Ávila, a self-made businessman, makes his company grow little by little, with commitment, very clear decisions and the invaluable collaboration of all his workers, he has always shown gratitude and concern for giving the best service to his clients and employees. Through effective advice, he thereby achieves the most appropriate collaborative and organizational negotiation for his company. And through continuous technical and business training, he manages to be up to date in vehicle systems by offering complete workshop services: from the simplest maintenance, claims coverage, to the most complex repairs.

Illusion from the first day

Today, after nine years, Raimundo reaffirms: “the most important thing we have learned in these years of work focused on our clients is the trust shown, both from them to us and from us to them. Because they make our day-to-day work much better by helping us to continue with the illusion of the first day”.


In this new stage the incorporation of Valeria Sánchez - Beato takes place as head of the Administration area, customer advice and in charge of Management in the company. With a long professional career with more than 15 years of experience in business administration, marketing and corporate communication, and international relations, she joins the new project to promote the digital age of the workshop and quality management. She coordinates the implementation of technologies at the customer´s service in accordance with the policies and updating of legislation related to the activity and improvement of the workshop process. Assuming responsibility for the implementation of communication systems and the new data protection for the security of her clients, she provides the necessary values and commitments for the growth strategy for the coming years.

Her desire is "to achieve a more technologically advanced, closer and connected workshop, which allows us to continue satisfying existing customers and attracting new ones with commitment and satisfaction".

What should be valued most is the know-how

However, the management of work and unpredictable demand requires professional qualification and efficiency, knowledge of each of its components and know-how. It also entails a lot of internal work, knowledge of business administration and optimization of workshop processes without losing management quality, for which we have an excellent work team of professionals committed to the different daily tasks, being they the that make it possible for us to be able to follow the line of the established strategies, that we continue to grow little by little but surely.
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